We use GPS routing and tracking of our drivers, so we can always deliver in the most efficient way possible.

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    We Work Hard To Please You

    * Same day, Overnight and Next Day Delivery
    * Mailing
    * Telegrams, Drafting & Blue Print
    * Bank Documents
    * Messenger
    * Attorneys Services (all documents)
    * Car Parts (stores and dealer)
    * Equipment Transportation and Parts
    * Medical Services, Laboratory work, Pharmaceuticals, Surgical Instruments etc.
    * Frieght (Office Products, Furniture)

Quick Tip #1

In today's economy, you need to reign in costs without sacrificing service to your customers.  By working in your order with deliveries from other companies in your area, we can often save you money over the cost of having your own employees out on the road.  When you consider hourly wages, payroll taxes, insurance costs, vehicle costs (mileage rate and/or gas, oil, & maintenance) using a courier can be a more cost effective solution for local deliveries, and same day local service is often even less expensive than using a national overnight service.

If you want great, professional services at a low cost. We are just a phone call away, thanks.

Where We Are!

121 Elm St Modest CA 95354

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